Hernia Surgery

We have been providing a safe, effective and personalised hernia surgery service since April 2006. Over 1700 patients have been successfully treated. The majority of abdominal wall hernias are repaired using local anaesthetic with the insertion of a prosthetic mesh. This means patients with significant co-morbidities can be conveniently, safely and quickly treated in a community setting through our dedicated Hernia Service.

We can offer patients the choice of a general anaesthetic repair at Tetbury Hospital.

Working closely with the patient’s General Practitioner
When we receive a referral, we keep the patient’s GP fully informed throughout their treatment period, up to and including a full and timely discharge letter.

Our Patient Referral Centre is open Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:30, to answer any queries from either GP or patient.

Patient Satisfaction
All patients are sent confidential questionnaires regarding their treatment and the service we provide. We are very pleased with the feedback we receive; our most recent average patient satisfaction score was 9.4 out of 10.

Clinical Results
Our audits show excellent results; we have not had any known recurrences.

A Process designed around patients’ needs
We are committed to providing the best possible treatment for our patients, from both a clinical and convenience perspective.

IHG general exclusion criteria

1. Any local anaesthetic allergy.
2. Any latex allergy.
3. Implantable defibrillator.
4. 2 week wait referrals for cancer care.
5. Patients aged <18 years.
6. Patient weighing over 135Kg.
7. Patients who are detained under the Mental Health Act or are experiencing an acute psychotic episode.
8. Patients being detained by Her Majesty’s Prison Service, where security arrangements are deemed not to be appropriate.

NB We should also only treat patients who are deemed suitable for local anaesthetic treatment in the community and who prefer local anaesthetic over a general anaesthetic.

Hernia specific exclusion criteria

BMI >35
Irreducible hernia
Bilateral hernia
Not able to lie flat
No responsible adult to look after patient for first 24 hours

Hernia Surgery - PDF Downloads

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