Offering you the very best through the NHS

Offering you the very best through the NHS

Dr Matthew Wordsworth founded Independent Health Group in December 2004, we treated our first patients in the spring of 2005.“I worked in the NHS for many years and knew that we could do much better, providing patients with the high quality care that we all want, for our friends, families and ourselves. I set up Independent Health Group to do just that; providing NHS care of the highest quality where patients always come first. I also wanted to create a new healthcare organisation where like-minded healthcare professionals could join the team to drive the innovation and efficiency necessary to create a caring and modern NHS healthcare organisation fit for the 21st century. I am proud that we have, and continue to deliver care by these guiding principles and that we continue to expand the range of services and locations we are able to offer to NHS patients”.
Dr Matthew Wordsworth

Our Values. What we offer to all our patients.
- The starting point to providing great care and our most important guiding principle is that patients always come first.

Patients always come first

- All patients are treated with the utmost respect and dignity; we will always be polite, honest and compassionate.
- We provide care in community settings, avoiding the stress of large, busy hospitals.

A convenient, easily accessible and efficient service

- We provide individual appointment and operation times to avoid unnecessary waiting and reduce anxiety.

- We provide care quickly and at a patient’s convenience.
- Patients require excellent, up to date information to help them make the right decisions about their care.

Excellent patient information

- All patients will be provided with clear, concise, well presented and comprehensible information, before, during and after consultations.
We will take the time to listen to patients needs and respond to them.
- All patients will be seen by the same clinician at every appointment. This makes Independent Health Group stand out amongst other NHS providers in the quality of care we deliver.
- Surgical and nursing staff are individually recruited for their proven records of excellence in patient care and treatment.
- Every part of our patients care from initial contact to full recovery is hugely important to us. We ask all patients we treat to tell us about their care. What patients tell us and the results of patient’s clinical outcomes drives our system of continuous quality improvement.
- We have always provided innovative services. We will continue to innovate where this is safe and effective to do so and will embrace changes to our practice where this adds value.
- We wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals if we didn’t work together as a team.

Continuity of Care

Experienced and effective surgical teams

Feedback from every patient we treat



- We invest in the on-going professional development of all of our staff and empower our teams to do their best for every patient and for the company. Our staff are our greatest asset.

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