Offering you the very best through the NHS

Offering you the very best through the NHS

We take our duty to offer clinical excellence in the most caring and sensitive of environments very seriously, so have chosen to define this commitment to you through a number of specific promises:

We commit to provide:

A convenient, easily accessible and efficient service with:
- An initial appointment offered within four weeks of referral
- An operation date offered within the next six weeks
- Individual appointment and operation times to avoid unnecessary waiting and reduce anxiety
- Telephone consultations where appropriate

Excellent patient information
- Clear, concise, well presented and comprehensible patient information
- An information booklet and health questionnaire sent to you before your initial appointment

Continuity of care
- The same doctor/surgeon will see you at each visit
- Before any operation, the surgeon will meet you and personally accompany you to the operating theatre
- A nominated theatre nurse already known to you will call the following morning
- Patients are asked to make a follow-up appointment if necessary
- Patients are encouraged to call our post-operative after-care line with any concerns

All patients treated with respect and dignity
- Patients are given time and encouraged to ask as many questions as they like
- Patients' participation in decisions, and respect for preferences

A comprehensive and inclusive service
- Local and general anaesthesia available
- Further investigations arranged as necessary e.g. ultrasound scans

Experienced and effective surgical teams
- Surgical and nursing staff are individually recruited for their proven records of excellence in patient care and treatment

Evidence based and the most effective care possible

If you have already been referred for an operation, you can find further information by selecting the relevant service from the list on the left.

Our aim will always be for 100% success, and through applying principles of continuous improvement to every aspect of our service, we believe we can get ever closer to this. We provide every patient with a questionnaire after every operation, and value the feedback we get, as it helps us to identify and improve any aspect that might need addressing. We take great pride in making the good results we've so far compiled ever harder to improve upon.

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