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Bath - Fairfield Park

Welcome to our clinic at the Fairfield Park Health Centre

Initial appointments, any necessary investigations, and further follow-up appointments can be booked at this practice. If surgery is required this will be undertaken at our Hathaway Medical Centre in Chippenham.

This purpose built centre provides excellent surgical facilities without the need for you to viist a large hospital

Click on this link for more details about our Chippenham Centre

The following services are available at Bath - Fairfield Park Health Centre
Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve gets trapped in the tunnel between the wrist ligament and themore

Hernia Surgery

Hernia Surgery

A hernia is caused when contents of the abdominal cavity push through a gap in the abdominal wall causingmore

The following staff work at Bath - Fairfield Park Health Centre
Dr Dan Lashbrook

Dr Dan Lashbrook

Dan is a GP who specialises in surgery more

Mr John Budd

Mr John Budd

John Budd is a Consultant General and Vascular surgeon. more

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