I was nervous of having an operation of this kind under a local anaesthetic but it was the right choice and I'm able to go straight home. Thank you!

Foot Surgery Patient Feedback - February 2016


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The Friends and Family Score for August 2017

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The Friends and Family Score for August 2017

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2017 at the Independent Health Group

2016 was very busy at IHG. We performed nearly 3000 operations and introduced our Cataract service for NHS Wiltshire CCG patients

Waiting Times

At IHG we are proud of our very short waiting times which currently averages around 3 weeks to see a clinician for your first appointment with a further 6 weeks for an operation if required.

Please download our latest waiting times list which is updated every week and shows the waiting times by site..

All patients will be seen by the same clinician at every appointment. This makes Independent Health Group stand out amongst other NHS providers in the quality of care we deliver.

Indicative Waiting List W/C 16.10.2017