Refer to us

We work with many different organisations in support of delivering our services to NHS patients. Below you will find useful information to help your patients access our NHS services as well as relevant information for our commissioners and collaborators, both current and future.

How to refer

We accept referrals from all NHS England Integrated Care Board areas. Please refer as needed to your local policy on referral pathways.

In line with NHS guidelines, all referrals must be made using the e-referral service. Should you need any support in making a referral please get in touch by either calling 03330 100 362 or emailing

Our clinics on the e-referrals service can be found under the categories detailed below;

Clinical Term Speciality Clinic Type
Hernia Service Type of Hernia e.g inguinal etc OR just Hernia Surgery not otherwise specified Hernia
Hand Service Procedure e.g. Carpal Tunnel, Trigger Finger Orthopaedics Hand & Wrist
Vasectomy Service Procedure Vasectomy Urology Vasectomy
Podiatric Service Procedure e.g. Bunion Orthopaedics Podiatric Surgery OR Foot & Ankle
Cataract Service Procedure Cataract Ophthalmology Cataract

Please ensure that under appointment type “routine” is selected for all services.


What our patients say

We strive to obtain feedback from every patient we treat to support our practice of putting patients first and achieving excellence through continuous improvement.

How likely are our patients to recommend our service to their friends and family if they require similar care or treatment?

From April 2022 to March 2023 99% of patients said they would recommend our services; see full results here.