What to expect for your appointment and surgery

At Independent Health Group we always put patients first. We take great care over the service you receive as an Independent Health Group patient and do as much as we can to make your treatment a simple and pleasant experience.

The information below provides a general outline of what to expect from your treatment, however, there are times that this changes due to the needs of individual patients.

Wait times

To view our average wait times click here.

For further information on our wait times please contact us on 03330 100 362.

Appointment confirmation

Once you have chosen your appointment date and time we will send you a letter to confirm all of the details, including a map showing how to find us. All of our facilities have parking available and in most cases it is free. This will also be detailed for you.

Attending your appointments and surgery dates

Patients seen in our vasectomy service often only come to one appointment, that is for their consultation and vasectomy procedure. If you prefer to speak/ consult with one of our doctors before the day of your vasectomy it may be convenient for you to do this by telephone, though again if you prefer to be seen in our clinic please do let us know.

For all other services the following pathway is usually followed;

On the day of your appointment, report to the main reception of the clinic and they will direct you to the waiting area. Your appointment will usually last 15 to 30 minutes. If you do need surgery your clinician will give you all the specific information you’ll need about how to prepare for it and what to bring with you on the day.

On the day of your surgery if it is needed, report to reception as with your last appointment. You will meet with the clinician before going into theatre to check all is well, and to go through the consent process. Your operation length will depend on the type of procedure that you are having, for more information about operation duration visit the specific services page on our website or speak to your clinician. All of our patients are able to go home after some light refreshment following the operation.

After surgery care

After your operation your clinician will let you know what to expect from your recovery process and how to look after yourself in the next days and weeks. If you have any concerns at any point then we have a telephone number that you can call for further advice.

Follow up appointments

If a follow up in person is needed, you will always be offered an appointment with the same clinician that you have seen for your initial appointment and operation. We also do some follow up appointments over the phone which our patients tell us is the most convenient for them.

If you have any further questions you may find our FAQs page useful, or if you can’t find what you are looking for get in touch either calling 03330 100 362 or emailing ihg.referralsandenquiries@nhs.net.

IHG Safeguarding Statement

Safeguarding Adults and Children is Everyone’s Responsibility.

  • Independent Health Group (IHG) is committed to Safeguarding both Adults and Children across our Organisation. The welfare of all our patients who use our services is of the utmost importance. All our staff have a responsibility to ensure that best practice is followed, including compliance against all Statutory Safeguarding requirements.
  • IHG provides clinical services across the country and are actively engaged in Local, Regional and National Safeguarding forums and conversations. We continue to progress and maintain a programme of safeguarding training for all our staff, to ensure that all eligible staff have received the right level of training relevant to their roles and responsibilities.
  • As part of IHG commitment to Safeguarding throughout all our services, we have a dedicated Safeguarding Adults lead, Executive Safeguarding Lead and Safeguarding policies and procedures in place, that align to both national and local best practice.